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Trying TypePad

Although I have been blogging off and on for years, I can never find a steady platform. I have used wordpress, joomla, posterous, tumblr, ghost, and posthaven. Constantly changing systems is a problem I have . . .

Anyway, after all these switches I now know what I want. I want:

(i) something that doesn't cost much, but isn't free. In my experience, free platforms are fickle. I want someone that will be around a while and has a model that sustains itself without ads or use of your content. I simply want someone with skin in the game and I am willing to pay for it.

(ii) I want something that is simple. I have dealt with self hosting. Although it is the way to go for a bigger site with a bigger following, for a personal blog or site, a hosted solution is often easier.

(iii) I want a platform that is flexible. The ultimate in flexibility is self hosting, so the closer a hosted solution can get to that, the better, and

(iv) I want something with multiple blogs and contributors. With only one blog and one contributor, things can get disorganized. Your posts should be about subjects, not you. No one is going to follow me except me family. They might follow a specific subject that I may write about or if something is interesting to them. So, I need multiple blogs to write about different things and keep it organized. A hosted solution that charges per blog could get expensive fast.

Typepad appears to have all of the above. Simple, Experienced, Hosted, Flexible, and with Multiple blogs. So we are going to give them a shot.

Wish me luck.


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